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Are you a Master Mason?

Written by Brother Ray Cadotte - who is responsible for it's content

Master Masons come from a cross section of different walks of life as well as religious backgrounds, but the common denominator is that all Masons believe in our Great Creator.

Many of us have found spiritual strength, some of us have found only friendship, but all of us should have discovered the monumental values which can transform good men into better men.

Masonry dates back to many centuries ago, the old fashioned way of life and not the modernistic changes which have occurred throughout the years whereby our social and spiritual fabric have been severely stained.

Masonry still and always will adhere to the basic religious principles and ethics of yesteryears.

Master Masons are men who desire to sculpture themselves to a closer semblance of our Supreme Being.

Masonry is certainly not a mirage; on the contrary, it is an oasis with an abundance of life sustaining graces, whereby anyone with a flavor to do God’s work may apply.

We need more workers in our Masonic vineyard. When good men decide to become a Master Mason, a chain of events takes place.

First of all, it seems an avalanche of blessings is being showered on the candidates.

There are three (3) degrees which a candidate must navigate through in order to achieve the final degree of Master Mason.

Some, after navigating through the perilous waters and upon reaching port, suddenly disappear, never to be heard again. Most will continue to navigate the sea lanes and despite the unfavorable forecast will continue on their voyage through storms and other adverse conditions.

Their faith is undaunting because they possess the moral and spiritual fibers which is a prerequisite to qualify as a potential Master Mason.

The very nature of their belief demonstrates a superior quality which removes the final barrier in order to reach the summit.

Master Masons bridge the gap through vision, perseverance, diligence and their sterling integrity. They have acquired a spiritual foundation of knowledge. The structural frame of Freemasonry is a benchmark where its functional parts are not a mere façade, but a genuine graphic display of noble endeavors. Freemasonry is a window of the world subject to criticism by negative forces.

We do not make use of a pulpit to broadcast our mandate.

Freemasonry is a vehicle once set in motion will travel its moral and spiritual course, unabated by outside elements until it finally reaches the stairway to Heaven which Master Masons were so instrumental in building.

The surroundings of our future and permanent home should appear very familiar to all the brethrens whose endless efforts were so significant in establishing our final resting place.

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